Computer repairs: trader tips

In addition to the pricing and completion time information, the recommended computer repair technicians who participated in our survey also shared some helpful advice.

Research methodology

In July 2012, we sent a survey to all Which? Local traders in the Computer shops, repairs and consultants category with a rating of three stars or more and an email address.

135 traders responded to the survey. Using their experience and expertise, they answered questions about the cost of popular jobs, and how long they should take to complete.

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Check call out fees
Most computer repairers will come out to your home to fix a computer problem but most are likely to charge a call-out fee for this.

Cheaper to take it in
In most cases, it works out cheaper for the trader to fix your computer at their own premises. Here, they can work on several computers at once (processes such as scanning or installing software take time) so you will only pay for the time they spend working on it, not the waiting time as well.

Be prepared to wait
‘Typical time to complete job’ is the total number of hours that the trader will actually spend working on your computer (the hours you are billed for). In reality, expect to wait several days or more, particularly if waiting for parts to be delivered or lengthy scans or installs to take place.

Free pick up and drop off
If you can’t get your computer to the store ask about free collection and delivery. Many traders offer this.

Free diagnosis?
Ask if the trader offers a free consultation for diagnosing problems. Some will take a look at it for free and just charge to fix the problem.